Whitechapel Arts Showcase

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A new and exciting celebration of London’s finest expressions of creativity and talent, set right in the heart of the East End. From Monday through Friday, a variety of shows, from storytelling to drag, will take place in Whitechapel’s most intimate venue. Eager to learn more about the skills and talent behind our shows? For all fellow creatives, artist networking events and free workshops will be lead by performers during the afternoon. On Saturday, join us for “Kirk’s Birthday”, a whimsical fancy dress party like none other, where performers and attendees will blur the lines between the stage and stalls through installations and pop-up performances until late. Please find the full listings below.

As a thank you for celebrating our wonderful performers, all ticket holders for evening shows are invited to purchase a multi-ticket that includes entry for Saturday’s Extravagant “Kirk’s Birthday” for 60% off General Admission. For those attending Friday's Cabaret Night, you will automatically receive free entry for Saturday's event. Adorn your most fabulous fancy dress and let's party!

Monday - Lucy Hopkins ~ Solo Clown Show

Lucy Hopkins is an award-winning clown, director, creative consultant, workshop leader, High Priestess of Idiot and clever person. Lucy is bringing us a brand new show that only a fool would miss out on! (Fools welcome. Nay, encouraged.)

Tuesday - Niall Moorjani ~ Storytelling

"A Fairie Tale" is a brand new and original piece of storytelling from Niall Moorjani, it explores race and gender identities through a medievally fairie inspired landscape. Set to live music from the fantastic Sophie Albert, expect strangeness, sexy fairies and swearing in an evening of storytelling which is definitely not for kids.

Wednesday - Shortbread Improv

Who knows what's going to happen in this hour long group improvisation act? We certainly don't, and neither do the performers.

Thursday - Harriet Braine ~ Musical Comedy

Harriet Braine is a musical comedian, who dedicates a remarkably large portion of her oeuvre to Art History. Harriet is the winner of Funny Women 2016, and winner of Best Newcomer at the Musical Comedy Awards 2016. She is also a So You Think You're Funny Finalist. Harriet brings us a brand new 1 hour show

Friday - Cabaret Night!

Featuring some of the most exciting talent on the UK cabaret scene: Jordan Charles, John Travulva, Trinidad & Toogay Though, Vodka Terry and Ant Lightfoot. Hosted by Big Ben.

Saturday- Kirk’s Birthday

Lock-in disco party with over 15 secret pop -up performances from clowns, weirdos and artists. A mini-festival in itself.

Workshop Lineup:

Monday - Storytelling Workshop with Niall Moorjani

A toe dipping introduction to performance storytelling and writing. Expect some silly games, suggestions and techniques for: performing, places to find stories, how to tell them sensitively and considerately in a modern world, and probably some amusing nonsense. The workshop will be led by Niall Moorjani, who has worked as a professional storyteller for years and told all over the world.

Tuesday - Improvisational Comedy Workshop

Shortbread Improv (alumni of Edinburgh's longest running improv group, The Improverts) teach short-form, game-based improv comedy. Open to anyone, and no experience is ever necessary. For complete beginners this workshop will be an informal and fun way to let your comedic side out. For seasoned improvisers, this will be a great, encouraging and safe space to flex your improv muscles.

Wednesday - Hoo Hah House

Hoo Hah House is a production company founded by Everleigh Brenner and Maria Cristina Petitti that strive to focus on stories through the lens of the female gaze. The Elements is a two hour long workshop which aims to relate one's own body to the world that surrounds it through the universal understanding of the elements, and to explore and celebrate the human experience that connects us all.

Thursday - Artist's Clinic

Bored of working at home? Come do whatever work you want in this chill and supportive creative space! There will be a slappin' gentle playlist, tea and friendly co-workers! Literally anyone is welcome to do whatever.

Friday - Artist's Speed Dating

A networking event for anyone that makes art or just wants to network with artists. You will have 3 minutes to chat to each person, where you can introduce yourself and have short-conversations with people you might have never met before! Like all of our listings for the week, please note this is an LGBTQ+ positive event, ran by queer artists.

The Whitechapel Arts Showcase Calendar